Video Tutorials to Get You Started!

Hello, fellow newcomer, and welcome to Intellidemia's Knowledge Base! Here, you will find the answers to your questions regarding Concourse, our syllabus management system. To get you started with Concourse, we've provided a variety of video tutorials that go over all the basics, from setting up an account to auditing a course. Once you've gotten a feel for Concourse with these tutorials, feel free to check out the rest of our Knowledge Base for more extensive information.

The Syllabus Geeks hope you enjoy the walkthroughsand the decked out superhero of course!


Getting Started: This video shows how to sign up to Concourse and get started with syllabus management:


Accounts: In this video, the Syllabus Geek takes you through editing your personal information and changing passwords. Learn more about accounts by clicking here.


Search & Register: Learn how to find a course and register for it:


Calendar Sync: Learn how to sync a syllabus schedule with your personal calendar, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. For details on calendar syncing, click here.


Creating Courses: In this video, the Syllabus Geek takes you through creating your own course syllabi. For more information on creating a course, click here.


Basic Editing: Learn how to edit the information on your syllabus so that every part accommodates your own course. See more about editing by clicking here.


Advanced Editing: This video takes basic editing a step further by showing how to add sub-categories and details. Advanced editing is covered more extensively here.


Rich Text Editing: Learn how to format the text on your syllabus, such as bolding it, italicizing it, or stylizing it in some other fashion to create the most organized and aesthetically-pleasing syllabus there is.


Schedule Editing: To elaborate on editing, this video shows how to add and edit the very important course schedule.


Notifications: Notify students and others that you've made changes to your course syllabus. For more information on notifications, click here.


Files: In this video, Syllabus Geek shows you how to post and link files in your syllabus. Then go all out by clicking here.


Users: Now that you're the boss of syllabus creation and editing, you can manage users who are registered for your course. This video explains how.


Groups: Learn how to manage groups of users under a common permission scheme, such as "students", "instructors", or "administrators". To learn more about handling user groups, click here.


Audit: This video shows how to audit and review course syllabi. To learn more about how audit works, click here.


Administration: Learn how to designate permissions to others by campus, school, and department. Note that only individuals with administrative abilities can do this.


Mobile: Last but not least, learn how to view syllabi on the go with your mobile device, so syllabi become available anywhere, anytime. For more information about using Concourse on your mobile device, click here.

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