Concourse Usage: 2015

To help you interpret the Concourse Usage Report for your organization we've put together some aggregate statistics and commentary regarding the usage of Concourse across our entire network. This first report covers the 2015 calendar year.
Overview: Peak usage is typically seen on Mondays. With the exception of holidays and non-Monday semester start dates, Monday usage averages 22% of the weekly total, but can be as high as 30%. Some institutions, particularly ones with large online populations, saw a limited drop-off following the first week of class, in the order of 75% of peak usage in week two and a steady-state of between 50% and 60% in the weeks after. However most institutions experienced a sharper drop-off to 35-45% by the second week, trending towards 10-15% of peak usage in the following weeks after semester start.

Country/Regions: Concourse was accessed by users in over 200 countries and territories throughout the world. However, for many schools, the vast majority of usage is within a single country. Just under 90% of traffic is within the United States.
Devices: 85% percent of users visited Concourse through their desktops, 11% mobile, and 4% tablet. Contrary to popular belief, online courses did not necessarily mean more mobile usage. Frankly it's the opposite, as we suspect those using a host of online tools to work throughout their classes prefer doing so on a large screen.
Operating Systems: Windows leads with over 66% of users. However, an average of 21% of users accessed Concourse using a Mac (up to 40% of users for some clients), plus another 8% for iOS.
Browsers/Versions: Chrome led with 41%, followed by Internet Explorer at 20%. Unsurprisingly, we also saw a strong correlation between browser and OS. Mac users preferred Safari to Chrome and Firefox. Windows users favored Chrome over Internet Explorer 3 to 2. IE 8 and below accounts less than 1.4% of users. IE 9 stands at 2.8%. IE 10 saw the biggest decline as Edge (IE 11) grew to 12.9% of users.
Sources: Just under 75% of users accessed Concourse via the LMS, with the vast majority of this subset coming from Apidapter. Direct traffic made up another 7% of traffic, with the remaining from referrals outside of the LMS (e.g. public syllabi, Google search, campus websites, etc.).
Referrals: Apidapter is the leading referrer at nearly 60% of sessions. Such traffic tells us the popularity of each LTI consumer. Such volume is highly dependent upon the scale of your institution and the purpose and configuration of each integration point, but we can share that a number of adapters exceeded 100k hits over the past year.

Syllabus Views and Time: The syllabus view was the most-visited page, at an average of 67.2% of all views. Syllabus view percents can vary by client; in some cases to as high as 95% or as low as 35%. The three next most popular pages included Search (16.2%), Index [Dashboard] (4.3%), and Edit Syllabus (2.9%). The average time for viewing a syllabus was 191 seconds, though this too varied significantly by the week of semester and day of week. Time viewing a syllabus could exceed five minutes on first days of classes and and fall to below one minute on Saturdays well into a term.
Events: The vast majority of changes to syllabi were item edits and additions. Both were significantly higher in beginning two weeks of the term. Edits to the Schedule item accounted for 29% of changes.
Other Notes
This information does not include users who have not enabled JavaScript, those who use AdBlockers, or disable Google Analytics. Our best estimate is that this segment of users may be as high as 7%.
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