Using Feeds to Populate Syllabus Item Content

Item-based feeds with syllabus content can be created and run to populate syllabus content in Concourse. Clients typically do this on an infrequent (e.g. once a year) basis to migrate from an existing syllabus or related solution, to populate a large number of course-level templates with artifacts like course descriptions, or to mass set item permissions.

The required format for these custom syllabus content feeds will be very similar to that of a course feed. For example if a feed for the Description item is to be processed, this pipe-separated file should contain columns for: A course identifier, the description itself, additional notes, and finally comments.

More information on item feeds, course feeds, feed construction and sample feed files, can be found here. Have fun!

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    Syllabus Geek

    UPDATE! As of August 2013, syllabus content processing for category (e.g. Descriptions, Outcomes, etc.) items is now supported. Please review our ** feed specifications** for instructions on how to achieve this.

    If you require more specific or complex content loading, just let us know.

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