Creating Syllabi from Course Templates

Templates can be turned into course syllabi using manual creation or through the processing of feeds .

While this process remains simple, an important difference should be pointed out that makes template cloning a bit more sophisticated. Going from a template to a course syllabus means that content is copied, not linked. Therefore once the course is created, future changes to the template are not retroactively applied (unlike the case with linked templates).

This can actually be quite helpful as content can be accurately archived based upon the policies which existed at the time the course was delivered. This has a distinct advantage over the use of  "moving" template content (e.g. a link to the policy handbook) which might evolve over time even though the course itself was taught when certain policies might have said otherwise.

For that reason many clients will maintain a set of templates which are updated over time (i.e., not bound to a particular semester) and  take a "snapshot" of their template collection each term for archival purposes.

If you have suggestions regarding this feature or any other syllabus-related topic, please let us know! Visit the Community Area in the Concourse Support Center to share tips and learn about other schools' best practices.

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