Deleting Users or Courses

System administrators can permanently remove users and courses from the system using the purge user and course functions respectively.

Similar to a recycle bin, users are placed in the purge users area when their accounts are disabled. This can either be done for an individual from the Admin > Users area or via a Disable User feed. A disabled user will be unable to log in to Concourse.

Likewise, courses can be individually marked for deletion by domain administrators from the Course > Settings area or in bulk using a Mark Course for Deletion feed. No changes occur to the course when it is marked, meaning it is still searchable, accessible based on existing group permissions, and registrations remain.

Once users have been disabled or courses marked for deletion, they will appear in the Admin > System > Purge Users/Courses areas. From here they can be individually removed by clicking Purge or entirely wiped using Purge All.  


Syllabus_Geek_Note_Smallest.png*Note: Please make sure you are confident about removing users or courses from the system. Once they are purged, all associated data will be deleted and is not recoverable.


If you have suggestions regarding this feature or any other syllabus-related topic, please let us know! Visit the Community Area in the Concourse Support Center to share tips and learn about other schools' best practices.

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