Attaching Files to Syllabus Items

In order to post a file to your syllabus, you must first upload the file. While you are viewing a syllabus, click on Files on the top bar. You will be prompted for a title, a description of the file (which is optional), and to locate the file itself. Enter in a title for the file that is informative, short, and unique, because this title will be used during editing to identify the file. Then, click Browse to search for the file on your computer. Make sure that your file size is smaller than the noted limits. 

Once you’ve found the file, hit Upload to bring it into Concourse. After the file is uploaded, you can view it under Files; you can also edit or delete the file if necessary.

Now, in order to attach the file to an item, go to Syllabus > Edit while viewing the syllabus. The editing interface will come up on the left side. Click the yellow Edit button next to the item that you wish to link with the file. 

In the editing dialog, you can select your uploaded file underneath Files. Once you’ve found the file you want to upload, select Attach and then click Save at the bottom of the screen. Your file will be linked directly in your syllabus. You can also detach links in your syllabus by clicking Detach next to the file on the editing page described above.


Syllabus_Geek_Note_Smallest.png*Note: This will not delete the file, but simply unlink the file in the syllabus. In order to completely remove the file from the course, go to the Files page. Removing in this manner will also automatically remove the file from all the items which it was previously attached.


If you have suggestions regarding this feature or any other syllabus-related topic, please let us know! Visit the Community Area in the Concourse Support Center to share tips and learn about other schools' best practices.

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