Exposing Curriculum Vitae Information in Concourse

Curriculum vitae (CV) information is an extension of profile editing that is available in some Concourse installations. To add your CV information, go to Account > Profile on the menu located at the top of the screen. 

Under Curriculum Vitae, you can add information pertaining to Education, Experience, or Publications in the respective text boxes. Be sure you save changes before leaving the page.

Then, in order for curriculum vitae to be shown with your course, a person with administrative abilities must enable the display of said information for the given group (e.g., instructors). To do this, go to Settings > Group from a syllabus’ page. 

Under CV, check Display Information, and click Save at the bottom. CV information will now be displayed in the course area for every user within that group.

Once CV information is available, a person viewing a syllabus can simply click CV at the top and view the curriculum vitae associated with the course. 

If you have suggestions regarding this feature or any other syllabus-related topic, please let us know! Visit the Community Area in the Concourse Support Center to share tips and learn about other schools' best practices.

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