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A number of portal solutions support the LTI standard, making integration with Concourse quick and easy. Better still, since a portal integration does not require knowledge about the specific course to be presented, this is often easier than LMS integration.

The simplification is that when setting up the portal LTI consumer in Concourse, you will choose None for the course identifier. The user identifier should remain as whatever is used for your central campus ID. This should be consistent with your user feeds should you choose to process them as well as launches coming from the LMS if you add this integration.

Further embed mode should also be left unchecked. This setup then essentially mimics a single sign on (SSO) integration.

Below are the steps to placing Concourse within a number of popular campus portals.


All Systems

Regardless of the portal selected below, this article already assumes you've setup an LTI consumer in Concourse for which to pair the portal with. The debug=1 custom parameter in particular will help you understand if the portal is properly connecting to Concourse and what parameters are available to key users on.


Jenzabar JICS 7.5.3+

Jenzabar can be integrated with Concourse using the Learning Tools Portlet. In this article, we address adding Concourse as a school-wide "Syllabus Center" at the JICS portal level. You can do this whether or not you have or use e-Racer.

Use the Site Manager to create a new portal tab named "Syllabus Center". Set the permissions on the main page of this tab so that only administrators (or other appropriately privileged users) can access the page. Click on Edit Page and select the Content tab. Then add the Learning Tools Portlet, renaming it "Syllabus Center".

Then, after returning to the page, in the portlet select Add a Tool to this Page. If you see Concourse listed as a tool just click on it to add it to the page. If Concourse has not yet been added as a (shared) tool in the JICS system click on Add a New Tool to add it now. 

Enter the connection information, including the URL, Key, and Secret you already entered into Concourse when you setup the LTI consumer. Then choose to show the tool in a new popup window Save Your New Tool.


Other Portal Systems

We are still working on adding instructions for integration with other portal providers. If your portal supports LTI this should be very straightforward and follow the steps of our other LTI integration articles.

If not an integration middleware tool such as Apidapter can be used to transform other SSO-like launches in to LTI.

As you have success integrating with one of them, please share your instructions with us so we can post them here.

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