Accessibility Features and Conformance

We pride ourselves in making syllabi accessible. It is a core reason we created Concourse.

Compared to Word documents and PDFs, our HTML presentation already puts us a step ahead of these syllabus alternatives. But there's more. We are fully compliant with Section 508b of the Rehabilitation Act and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) AA standards. The simple act of authoring syllabi in Concourse means they will all be fully accessible to users with every type of disability and degree of impairment.

Below are some of the highlighted accessibility-focused features found in Concourse, with the full Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) available for download below.

  • Logical and natural heading structure
  • A "Skip to Main Content" link on every page
  • Fully labeled inputs and buttons
  • Simple and complete keyboard navigability
  • Extensive use of accessible rich internet application (ARIA) attributes
  • Thoughtful color and contrast choices
  • Automatic table captioning and descriptive headers, rows, and columns
  • Guided authoring to promote accessible content and best practices

While we are excited to tell you about all these accessibility features, we also encourage you to explore them for yourself. Consider trying our Concourse Demo with an accessibility checker like or your own assistive technology. We always welcome your feedback.

Sample Evaluation of Syllabus Page Accessibility


Download the latest version our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) 2.0 for details about all our accessibility features and related conformance levels.

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