Course Template Customization

A great deal can be achieved in terms of template "customization" with a good understanding of your campus processes and policies and through the use of linked templates. In this way you can easily create tiers of templates using the established item categories and permissions.

In addition, many items allow you to add a label and reorder their position. The only place this is not true is with the item categories (e.g. description, outcomes, schedule), which are fixed so as to promote consistency throughout your system and the industry as a whole.

Further customization of syllabi in terms of item labeling, formatting, and available fields is not included in the base price but may be available through our custom development service. Please note that we generally discourage such customizations. The adoption of Concourse is usually predicated by an interest in delivering a consistent syllabus experience. When you begin to customize templates, items, fields and other options, you may undermine some of the consistency that a structured syllabus provides.

Not to mention it costs a lot of money.

If customization is something you require, please send us a note.

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