Import Content from One Syllabus to Another

You can use the import feature to copy syllabus content from one Concourse syllabus to another. (This is not the same as importing content from a Word syllabus, which can be uploaded directly to an unstructured course or plain old-fashioned copy and paste.)

In order to import syllabus items, two conditions need to be met. (1) You must be able to View the item on the originating syllabus and (2) Edit that same item on the destination syllabus. Additionally, it should be noted that you can only import content between the same item category.

To import syllabus content, begin by visiting your course and selecting Syllabus > Import. You will need to have edit syllabus permission to see this option. From there search for the course you wish to copy content from and click Import. Then select the item categories you wish to import and click Next. Accept the confirmation and the selected items will be copied (in some cases, replacing) to your course.

There are a number of important considerations when importing syllabus items:

  • General: Item importing works at the category level (e.g. contact information, description, etc.). The item must be visible on the source syllabus and editable on the destination syllabus to complete the action. Only item categories that meet this criteria will be listed in the import panel.
    • Caution: If an item category already exists on the destination syllabus, the entire item (including its children) will be replaced and cannot be undone. Therefore be extremely careful when importing items that will overwrite existing syllabus content.
  • Permissions: If the item selected for import already exists on the destination syllabus, its permissions will match that of the existing item. If the item is new to the destination syllabus, it will inherit the permissions of main syllabus item.
  • Templates: The import feature is not available in template courses. Items can be imported from templates, but they will not be linked, simply copied.
  • Files: Files are not copied during the import process.

If you have suggestions regarding this feature or any other syllabus-related topic, please let us know! Visit the Community Area in the Concourse Support Center to share tips and learn about other schools' best practices.

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  • Avatar
    Unknown Name

    Being able to import in a template course from another template course could be helpful. The other option is to have the other course open in a second window and copy/paste between the two.

  • Avatar
    Syllabus Geek

    Hi Michael. We are trying to determine which cases this would be advantageous for as opposed to using ** Linked Templates**. Should the content be common across courses, and you want to be able to update said content from a single place instead of multiple syllabi, this seems like it would be the preferred implementation.

  • Avatar
    Unknown Name

    An example is a series of English course templates that have the same Course requirements. The template editor would like to be able to import the same content into each of the English courses' templates and not have to copy/paste into each and possibly have to tweak the format. I can see how the linked templates could be used for this purpose and have an English template below the Institutional template and before the course template, but that is not how our templates are structured.

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