Concourse Schedule Options

When building out your course schedule, you have a number of options, including hourly, daily, weekly, and module-based time frames.

In all cases you want to begin by adding the Schedule item category. From there you can copy and paste a schedule from an existing Word syllabus or enter a new one directly.

If you'd like Concourse to help format your schedule into a table, you will need to add a series of Schedule Entries below the Schedule item category. To do this first press Save before adding any content to the Schedule item category so that you can get directly to the Add Schedule Entry link. From here you can add a series of schedule entries that include Type (e.g. lecture, presentation, lab, etc.), When, Location, and other optional parameters.

We understand that entering schedule information is usually the most burdensome part of creating and maintaining a syllabus, especially if individual appointments are used. Therefore we also suggest taking advantage of Item Import so that you only have to enter your schedule (or really any item) from scratch a single time.

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