Embed a Concourse Syllabus on Another Website

Embedding the public view of a Concourse syllabus on another website is easy. Simply visit the Course > Info page, highlight and copy the code located under Embed, and paste that code into your destination website.  It will then look something like this when nested among the rest of your HTML: 

  <p>Below is the Course Syllabus.</p>
  <iframe width="1024" height="768" src="http://yourdomain.campusconcourse.com/view_syllabus?course_id=21&embed_mode=1" style="width:100%"></iframe>


Syllabus_Geek_Note_Smallest.png*Note: Feel free to adjust the width and height parameters to make sure the iFrame fits nicely around the syllabus within your website.


Finally, while this method can be used to embed the public syllabus view in your LMS, if you are interested in being automatically logged in and provided access to the syllabus editor from within the LMS, LTI integration will need to be setup by an administrator.


If you have suggestions regarding this feature or any other syllabus-related topic, please let us know! Visit the Community Area in the Concourse Support Center to share tips and learn about other schools' best practices.


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