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June 2012―We are proud to announce the release of our latest and most powerful feature yet, Linked Templates.

An extension of our basic template functionality, Linked Templates allow administrators to "tie together" a series of templates at various levels (e.g. institution > department > course) so that edits to higher level templates propagate downwards to the lower ones. In other words, changes to something like the ADA policy can now be done (and enforced) university-wide with a single click in place of the boatloads of edits you may have been making with Word-based documents.

Further, permissions carry through said templates, which means you can not only make sure the content is placed and consistent on every syllabus, but you can prevent instructors from taking liberties with it.

Finally, once a template is cloned for a given semester, it takes a snapshot of the then current template and allows instructors to work on it. This means that future updates to templates will not be retroactive. This preserves your syllabus archive with the policies and procedures that existed when the course was actually offered.

We believe Linked Templates is a game changer in online syllabus management. As always, we are looking for examples of how you are using Linked Templates on your campus or for any other feedback. Just let us know!


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