Automated Feed Processing

October 2012―This fall we are rolling out updates to our automated feed processing. With the move to our new server cluster, we will no longer be supporting sFTP as a means for regularly processing files in Concourse. Instead we will be using a POST method over HTTPS.

Aside from operational improvements on our end, this provides three major benefits to our clients.

  • One, you can now process feeds at any time (and not just once a day). This is excellent for the beginning of a term when more frequent updates may be required.
  • Two, it is more secure. Instead of having to worry about setting up and maintaining sFTP access, sharing credentials in plain text, and having to worry about the compromising of said server, a shared key and hash will be used to support authentication and transfer.
  • Three, you will now receive error feedback in the form of a text file similar to what is found when manually processing files. This was not possible with the sFTP-based integration method.

Getting setup with automated processing should be possible by working with your IT department. They'll begin by generating feed files, and then move on to automate feed processing. The approach is similar to that of a number of LMS-SIS combinations.

We're excited to continue making integration with Concourse easier and more powerful than ever before.

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