Concourse Audit

March 2013―Hello! This month we rolled out a very powerful addition to Concourse, Audit.

Audit significantly enhances the already popular auditing and workflow features within Concourse by adding three new capabilities: Name and time stamps, a discussion trail, and automatic notifications.

Every single course (and template) will now have a dedicated discussion board so that auditors and instructors can collaborate as they work through the review process. It will also keep track of who embellished the audit trail as well as indicate when a syllabus has either been edited for the first time or modified since it was reviewed. Further those adding to the audit trail will have the option to automatically notify other auditors and editors involved in the process with an email.

We envision clients will utilize these new audit capabilities by moving their syllabi through three distinct workflow cycles; approving new courses, finalizing syllabus templates, and reviewing sectional syllabi of instructors.

We encourage you to share how you are strengthening your campuses processes by taking advantage of Concourse Audit.

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