Server migration on 8/10/2012

As a result of the purchase of our hosting vendor Slicehost by Rackspace, and recent availability of the newest Long Term Stable release of Ubuntu, we will be migrating our servers beginning at 9PM PST on 8/10/12. 

We’re anticipating no more than a 15-minute long downtime while we backup the database and move over the installations. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We’ll update this post with the progress and when the conversion is in place.

This will only affect you if your installation is on a Slicehost server, which generally includes clients who joined us February 2012 and earlier.

Update August 10, 11:51pm PST: Everything went without a hitch! The upgrade is done and has been working for a little while now. If anyone notices anything out of the ordinary, please contact our support staff and we’ll be glad to help you smooth things out.

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