Phases of Concourse implementation

Congratulations on your decision to implement Concourse at your institution! The Syllabus Geeks understand that your time is valuable, and you cannot always prioritize tasks the way you would like. We also know that one of the most common setbacks of new system implementations isn’t necessary a lack of planning, but a lack of understanding regarding the true scope of the entire process. For this reason we have created a series of implementation exercises which are introduced here. This information reflects the phases of a typical Concourse implementation. Keep in mind that If you are employing Concourse Lite, these phases may be far less involved.


Implementation Pre-Planning

In order for us to understand how your institution can realize the greatest return on your investment in Concourse, we begin with targeted questions regarding what you want to achieve from your implementation and deployment of Concourse.

We ask that you begin with a Getting Started Survey to assess your goals related to Concourse as well examine your desired semester of deployment, faculty and staff involvement, and anticipated challenges to meeting deadlines. Once we receive your completed survey and go over the results with you, we will flip the switch on your Concourse sandbox, so that you can begin to become familiar with the functionality of your shiny new syllabus solution.

The following figure depicts, from start to finish, each phase of a typical Concourse implementation:

Read on to learn more about each phase!


Implementation Phases

A typical Concourse implementation is broken up into six distinct phases:

Phase 1


Planning- During this initial phase, you will determine who will be responsible for specific elements of the implementation, as well as the sequencing and timing of activities.

Phase 2  


Templates- Once all planning tasks are completed, you will begin to determine the overall architecture for data organization, source, flow, and access.

Phase 3


Administration- Upon completion of your system architecture, you will establish the distribution of high-level roles and responsibilities throughout the system.

Phase 4


Integration- You will work to determine various Concourse access points, as well as how Concourse will consume and produce data to and from other systems.

Phase 5


Deployment- During the deployment phase of your Concourse implementation, you will work to resolve any remaining elements needed for go-live, as well as bring together decisions made in previous phases.

Phase 6


Maintenance- Once your Concourse system is deployed and your users are successfully accessing their syllabi, it is important to determine the ongoing post-deployment activities relevant to maintaining your system for many years to come.


Implementation Considerations

While there are many factors which contribute to how long each of these phases will take, template complexity is the primary driver. For those who start with uploaded syllabus documents only, an implementation can take a month. The use of institutional templates will generally push this out to three months. Course-specific templates will extend the implementation window to six months or more.

Another factor is resource availability. It is no secret that budgets and people are stretched to the limit in most educational settings. So while we consider our platform, documentation, and support to be among the best in the industry, a realistic amount of bandwidth needs to be dedicated to the project.

In conclusion, nothing precludes an institution from working through each of these phases in a simplistic manner and achieving a basic implementation to later walk through the phases again to improve upon the implementation in future terms. At the end of the day we always recommend applying the KISS principle: Keep it super simple.

Be sure to visit the Community Area to share and search for more information on Concourse, as well as answers to frequently asked questions!

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