Interface Refresh

December 2014―The time has come. After a half year of development, testing, and feedback Concourse will receive a major upgrade to its interface based on the Bootstrap front-end framework.

While the actual syllabus view will remain largely unchanged, as will all navigation and current functionality, most everything else will look new and fresh.

For starters Concourse will be fully responsive, meaning every page will be supported on and adjusted to desktop, tablet, and mobile screen sizes. In addition:

  • Labeling, sizing, and placement will be more consistent.
  • A message bar was added with a persistent location.
  • The rich text editor was updated for better content pasting and manipulation.
  • Accessibility will be improved.

As with every release there are also a few important notes:

  • Mobile-specific pages will be dropped (replaced by responsive ones).
  • Support for Internet Explorer 7 will end.

We remain excited to make Concourse more attractive, usable, and accessible.

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