Security Update 05/19/2015

To maintain the highest level of security every few years we need to extend our SSL certificate. This year it was recommended that we upgrade to the SHA-2 certificate.

Following this upgrade certain hardware and software configurations will no longer be supported. In this case all the already established minimums for Concourse exceed that required for SHA-2. This means users should not experience any issues.

However one thing to be aware of is that these new minimums will also apply to the machines used for automated feed processing, which we understand can often be much older than their client-side counterparts. Therefore we ask that you review the compatibility requirements for SHA-2 and verify that your feeds will continue to work as expected.

Security remains an utmost priority. We appreciate your similar focus on ensuring Concourse remains a safe and secure environment.


Update May 19, 8:30pm EDT: The new certificate has been applied without any downtime. All functionality should continue to work as expected though again it is helpful to check on your authentication and feed integrations.

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