Auto Course Creation Returns

July 2015―This summer we bring you the return of (fully) automatic course creation!

But hold up, haven't you always had automatic course creation in Concourse?

Well yes. To simplify and speed up the integration process, automatic creation of users and courses via Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) launches has always been a focus of ours. When it comes to users this was easy and is something that almost half of our clients are using in production.

However automatic course creation came with a number of challenges that made our initial design well, not automatic. See when you create a user in Concourse all you really need is their ID and email (which can even be the same). This is readily available in LTI launches.

In the case of courses though you need much more information, such as the title, in which department it will be offered, section labels, and dates. Sadly LTI simply doesn't carry this level of detail so what we did originally was have instructors fill in all "missing" information. This was not sustainable and led to loads of messy data and confusion so we deprecated the little-used feature.

Fortunately though with the introduction of the flexible Apidapter ( integration middleware we could again consider a fully automated course creation, and that is what we bring you today.

Similar to the data provided by an SIS feed, auto course creation now consumes all of the necessary and optional parameters related to course and section creation from solely the LMS. In other words through a combination of your LMS and an integration middle solution you can provide dates, organizational placement, and more all without touching feeds or regularly asking for data from IT. 

To learn about how to automatically create users and courses via LTI go here.


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