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Concourse Systems Admins can search for users by their user ID, their system permissions, or their domain permissions.  What do we mean by this, you ask?  Read on to find out!

To find a user in Concourse, select Admin>Users from the navigation menu.


From the resulting page, you have three options to find users within your Concourse system:  Find a User by Name, Discover a User by System Permissions, and Discover a User by Domain Permissions.


To Find a User by Name, simply type all or part of the user name in the accompanying field.  

If the user information is in your Concourse system, their information will be displayed in the results.  You can also conduct a general search by simply clicking on the magnifying class associated with the search field.  In any case, Concourse will only display the first 100 results.


To Discover a user by System Permissions, simply select the radio button associated with the appropriate system permission.


To Discover a User by  Domain Permissions, select the appropriate Campus, School, and Department domain information, and select the radio button associated with the appropriate domain permission.

Keep in mind that the results for all searches will be limited to the first 100 records!

Are you wondering how to search for courses in Concourse?  Our users offer some sound advice on searching for course syllabi in our Community area.  You can also run an item report to locate specific syllabus item information or an audit report to discover the status of one or 100 courses.  Check out the Concourse Demo to experience searching and reporting in real time!  



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