Reporting, LTI Consumer Tools, Permission Discovery, and Security Updates

May 2016―We've been busy this year with product feature enhancements! For starters, we have improved our file and backup infrastructure by migrating to Amazon (which means it is better than ever!). We have also upgraded all of our security, interaction, and editing plugins.

But what we are really excited to announce is a trio of new features; a new syllabus report, more precise integration options, and a way to identify your most powerful administrators.


Missing Item Report

The new Missing Item Report allows you to search for syllabi in Concourse that do not contain a given syllabus item. For instance, if Contact Information is a mandatory syllabus item, you can now search for all syllabi within Concourse that do not contain that item. The original Item Report within Concourse allows you to see and manage item content; the Missing Item Report allows you to know if that item has even been added to a particular syllabus. The Syllabus Geeks have been referring to these reports as the Dynamic Reporting Duo.


LTI Consumer Navigation Options

When configuring LTI consumer information in Concourse, you now have the option to select which navigation bars are visible or hidden when launching Concourse from your LMS. Selecting Show > Main Navigation will allow users to see the navigation bar at the top of the page. Selecting Show > Secondary Navigation will allow users to see the syllabus menu bar, and selecting Show > Footer will allow users to see the footer containing time zone information, time, and support links.

The addition of these per-consumer options also means that the former, single Embed Mode options is no longer supported. One has now become three!


System Permission Discovery
Concourse system admins now have the capability to search for users based on their assigned system-level permissions. Such permissions within Concourse include Administer System, Set Domain Permissions, and Create Courses. The ability to search for users by name or domain permissions still exists within Concourse; the systems permissions discovery option just adds another awesome layer to an already powerful tool.
Related to the expansion of embed mode into three, distinct navigation presentation options, we have also gone forth with improving security by disallowing embedding of all Concourse pages, other than the syllabus view, when not authenticated using LTI. In other words you can still put a URL to view a syllabus within a frame, but every other page will "break out" of the frame if you are not authenticating with Concourse from a trusted source like an LMS.
We encourage you to tour the Concourse Support Center for information on other system updates as well as anything you need to begin using Concourse at your institution!
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