Sending and Receiving Emails

Most times when emails are sent from Concourse you will have no trouble receiving them. However when you don't, here are some helpful tips for making sure they are coming to you as expected.


All Emails

Check your spam filter for a message from It is not often that our messages are perceived as spam, but it certainly can happen. If you do see a message of ours there, you should consider adding a rule to make sure is never flagged as spam in the future.


Edit Notifications

At some schools you will have the option to send an email upon the editing of any syllabus item. Should you choose to do so a message will be sent to everyone who is registered for the course and has viewing rights for the syllabus item you edited. For example if Bob is registered for the course as a student and can see the course Deliverables, he will receive the email. However if students are not able to yet see the course schedule, they will not receive an email. At this time you will also have the option to copy yourself.



Audit emails are not sent by default. In order to send a message to Auditors and/or Editors, you must check the box next to the respective label to generate an email as the audit trail is updated.

Editors are those who are registered in the given course within a group that has Edit Permission for the syllabus. In the case of Auditors, only those with Audit Permission for the domain in which this course sits will receive a message.


Account Management

There are times when Concourse will generate emails to help in the management of your account, namely to verify your email upon initial sign up and to provide a code to reset your password. You may also be able to utilize these features to make sure you are properly receiving emails form our system as you troubleshoot other types of email notification.


Special Cases

There are instances in which you may still not be receiving emails even though you should be.If at any point in the past your email was for a short or long period of time considered unreachable, our system will not know that it is back to being available. One reason this might arise is if your email address was formerly used by someone else during the gap it was considered invalid. Similarly if previously your email was properly or incidentally disabled by your organization, we may still be unable to reach it.

If you feel this may be the issue, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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