Concourse Usage Report

August 2016―We are excited to announce the introduction of Usage Reporting, a new tool for Concourse administrators to gain a clear picture of how Concourse is used and accessed at their institutions. The statistics in this report, including all charts and timelines, are powered by Google Analytics. You even have the ability to select start and end dates and observe trends over specific periods of time.

Why is this so valuable? Here are some questions you will be able to confidently answer with Usage Reporting:

  • Which days of the week do users typically access Concourse? 
  • How many users access Concourse from a Mac? 
  • How much of you Concourse traffic is coming through Apidapter? 
  • How much time, on average, does someone spend looking at a syllabus?
  • How often do users edit syllabi in your system?

Just to scratch the surface, the Usage Report includes:

  • the locations from which your Concourse system is being accessed,
  • the devices and operating systems from which users are accessing Concourse syllabi,
  • the various avenues traveled by users to get to those syllabi,
  • what users are doing once they reach their syllabus,
  • and more!

This report can be a very effective tool for your institution; understanding usage trends and user behavior can help with faculty adoption, streamlining access, and possible expansion of Concourse to other departments at your institution.

If you would like to compare the stats in your institution's usage report to all Concourse clients, check out the most recent Concourse Usage Report.

We encourage you to tour the Concourse Support Center for information on other feature updates, additional Concourse reporting tools, and anything else you may need to promote using Concourse at your institution!

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