Server Expansion on 09/06/2016

As everyone prepares for the long Labor Day weekend here in the United States, we are going to be hard at work on our infrastructure. In order to scale our systems and update our servers, we are scheduling a maintenance window for two hours beginning at:

2016-09-05 7:00:00 AM UTC (3AM EDT)

During this time Concourse may be unavailable.

Now we understand this is an inconvenience for all our customers, but we hope that scheduling the window for this date and time will significantly limit the impact.

If something is amiss once the maintenance window has closed do not hesitate to open a ticket.


Update September 6, 3:05am EDT: The expansion has been queued and we expect system migration soon.

Update September 6, 3:08am EDT: The expansion has commenced. Some parts of Concourse may be unavailable at this time.

Update September 6, 3:17am EDT: The migration and expansion has been completed. Individual updates and patches are being applied at this time.

Update September 6, 3:21am EDT: All updates have been successfully applied and systems rebooted. We are not observing any issues following this update. However if something is amiss do not hesitate to write us.

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