Feed Logging, Flexible Appointments, and Calendar Update

May 2017―Greetings! While everyone else was busy writing papers this semester the Syllabus Geeks were hard at work making the following improvements to Concourse.

New Feature: Feed Logs

We are excited to announce the introduction of feed logging, a new tool for Concourse system administrators to track the behavior of both automated and manually processed feeds in their system. System administrators can view recently processed feeds. The log contains details including the feed type, processing method, dates, and processing output. Concourse system administrators no longer have to wonder or request output reports or original feed files for review!

Here are some questions you will be able to answer using your system feed log:

  • What is the weekly feed processing schedule and sequence? 
  • What is the average feed processing time? 
  • Who is manually processing feeds in the system? 
  • What are the processing results?

Troubleshooting feed issues will also be easier thanks to the new feed log tool. We've created an article containing the most common feed errors as well as possible causes and solutions. Be sure to check that out in the Concourse Support Center as well as any of the many other informative help articles. 

New Feature: Flexible Meeting Times and Office Hours

In other news, we have made a significant change to syllabi involving appointments. Traditionally, syllabus editors have been required to include days and times for Meeting Times and Office Hours in order to include and save this information on their syllabi. Thanks to valuable feedback from our users, we have updated these items to allow editors to include optional days and times to allow syllabus editors more flexibility with content presentation.

Deprecated Feature: iCal Synchronization

Because the above enhancement allows for more authoring flexibility, the calendar synchronization feature within Concourse has been disabled for all new courses and will soon be phased out completely. Based on the input from our Concourse Power Users, we believe the flexibility afforded by the optional addition of days and times to syllabi will be a much greater benefit to faculty and students than the current calendar synchronization function.   


We encourage you to tour the Concourse Support Center for information on other feature updates and anything else you may need to promote Concourse at your institution!

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