Allow for multiple selections in advanced search drop-downs



  • Syllabus Geek

    This is an another important upgrade that the Syllabus Geeks are thinking about. It is likely to come as a more general search enhancement, but we realize more and more the importance of allowing for multiple selections, particularly when it comes to the following:

    • Subject Codes (e.g. ACCT, ECON, etc.)
    • Campuses
    • Schools
    • Departments
    • Sessions (e.g. Summer I, Summer II)
    • Years
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  • Unknown Name

    This feature would be very useful in using the Set Group Permissions en masse. Being able to select multiple audit status items would save a lot of time when trying to set permissions. Typically, submitted for review, reviewed and modified after reviewed all have the same permissions and now I have to go back and use each one as a criteria which takes about 20 minutes to complete the entire process.

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