How come I see different times on my syllabus when not logged in?


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    A: There are three, interworking levels to timezones throughout Concourse. The first is the system timezone, which determines the default timezone for new users and courses and sets times for pages where no other time information is available, namely public pages that are not a part of a course.

    The next level up is the timezone for a given course. This is helpful when you are offering a class in a region different than the home institution. This will adjust all the times on a syllabus to the given timezone when it is viewed publically.

    The highest timezone level is that of the user preference. This will adjust all times throughout the system to your preference while you are logged in. Further, when you enter times on a syllabus, they will be saved in this preferred timezone. This is why it is important to check this preference before you start adding syllabus content or you may end up in a situation where your students see times that are different than what you intended.

    The timezone is always written in the footer of the page so you understand from where you are operating. If you do find a discrepancy, update your timezone preferences and then return to edit your syllabus to adjust times accordingly.

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