Do I need to use the campus field in Concourse?


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  • Syllabus Geek

    A: Based on your terminology, when we say course syllabi, we are referring to syllabus intended for individual sections which in your case have a related campus.

    But let's back up. When any syllabus is created in Concourse, we associate it with a campus, school, and department. This is so that administrators in each of these areas (e.g. Site Directors, Deans, Chairs, etc.) can be granted domain permissions over a subset of these campuses, divisions, and departments. In other words, if you ever expect to have someone on a particular campus (e.g. the downtown campus director) to be given the authority to do something for their campus only, such as audit courses, it will be to your advantage to fill out this campus information.

    If instead you want to simplify your implementation and not worry about domain permissions for individual campuses, you can just enter a single campus called "All."

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