How do I populate the "Delivery Method" drop-down?


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    A: In Concourse, there a number of "smart" selectors related to course parameters in that they populate themselves based on the data already contained in the system. Delivery method is one of these. In other words, if you have two courses setup, one of which is a "Blended" delivery, the other which is "Online", the drop-down will show both of these choices. If a third course is added that has a "Hybrid" delivery, the drop-down will then include that option.

    The full list of smart selectors, and some typical entries, includes:

    • Subject Code: ACCT, ECON, MRKT
    • Session: Spring, Fall, Summer II
    • Year: 2011, 2012, 2013
    • Credits: 3.0, 1.0, NC
    • Delivery Method: Traditional, Hybrid, Online

    Populating these fields for the first time is done in one of two ways, depending upon whether you are using manual or feed-based course creation. If done manually, from the Create page, select "- Other -" from the drop-down and a field will appear to the right to enter your new selection. If you are using feeds, simply enter the information in the appropriate column and following processing, the new choices will be available.

    On a final note, consistency is very helpful here in keeping the selection set to a minimum. For example, even though "Fall," "FA," and "fall" may both mean the same semester, since the text is not exactly the same (including capitalization), it will appear as three separate choices. This may produce some undesirable results as it would mean that you can't necessarily search for all fall courses with a single query. You'd have to run the search three times to grab all the results. We also see this often with Credits, where some entries will say "3.0" and others simply "3."


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