Why can every user, including students, run reports?


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  • Syllabus Geek

    A: First, it should be pointed out that Concourse does not have something called a "student account." Everyone in Concourse is a generic user without relation to their role. It's only when the user is associated with a given course and group that they take on such a particular role (e.g. student, instructor, etc.). In this way a user can take on multiple roles, such as a teaching assistant in one course and a student in another.

    Back to the question at hand, Concourse is designed in such a way that every single user can run reports. As you know, administrators can benefit greatly from reporting, but they aren't the only ones! Reports can be useful to students as they prepare for the term. For example, they can use Item Reports to generate a list of textbooks they need to purchase. They may also run a report to combine schedules for all of their courses, easily helping in preparing for class.

    What's important to remember is that all users, including students, will only be shown what they can otherwise see when they visit a course syllabus. Suppose Contact Information is hidden from users who are not enrolled in a course. If that user includes such a course in their report, Contact Information will not be shown.

    You can visit our item-level permissions article to see how you can adjust viewing, and therefore reporting, access.

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