How does Concourse support accreditation?


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    A:  We know that both obtaining and maintaining your school's accreditation(s) requires a lot of work! Concourse is here to help.

    One of the toughest challenges with accreditation is maintaining the level of consistency required by the accrediting bodies. Through the use of our template functionality, you will be able to meet these demands with ease. You can first make sure that common content, like policies, show up on every syllabus. Then you can limit an instructor's ability to modify certain items to make sure these element are not changed once instructors receive the syllabus they will continue to work on.

    Similarly, you can use Concourse to ensure that proper outcomes are incorporated on every syllabus. You can even include verbiage showing the alignment between outcomes and activities.

    Another way that Concourse supports accreditation is through reporting. The simplest is an Audit Report, which showcases the status of every syllabus within your area.

    Some accrediting bodies then go further to require a granular analysis of syllabus content (e.g. the outcomes or evaluation methods). Through the use of an Item Report you can instantly extract the necessary data.

    Finally, accreditation bodies even request direct access to syllabi. There is no easier way to power through this request than pointing them directly at Concourse and its robust search capabilities.

    There are many applications for Concourse in your accreditation process. Do you have creative ways you have used Concourse at your institution? If so, feel free to leave a comment and share it with other users.

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