How do I create my own feed files?


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  • Syllabus Geek

    A: I'm sorry IT is not as speedy as a Syllabus Geek, but we do have some good alternatives for you in the meantime.

    You are correct in stating that feed processing requires a pipe-separated file. (This also means the data itself cannot contain any pipe's). Unfortunately that is not a native format for Excel. From here you have two options:


    Using Open Office

    The easiest way to download and install Calc by OpenOffice. This is a free, spreadsheet program similar to Excel that can work with and output pipe-delimited (PSV) files.


    Using Excel

    If you want to stick with Excel, it is possible to change your region settings so that CSVs become PSVs. Just make sure to change them back once you're done since this may impact other applications.

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