How do I change or correct the (blank) on a syllabus?


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    A: There are a couple of different ways to answer this based on what the (blank) is and how you generally go about creating or cloning your courses.

    First, if the course was created through the use of a feed, the rerunning of the feed with the corrected information for that particular course is all you should need to do.


    Syllabus_Geek_Note_Smallest.png *Note: When you run a feed, all of the data for the particular row is replaced. Therefore, if you are looking to only change the course title and leave the fact that the term is Spring II, you will still need to have Spring II in the term column and not an empty cell.

    In the case that the course was created or cloned manually, or you do not have access to the feed that was originally used to create the course, you will then need to update this course information manually. To do so, you will first need permission for the domain (campus-school-department) in which the course falls. Once you have this, simply find the course you need to modify and go to the Settings page within it.

    From here you can update optional course information. This includes:

    • Subject Code
    • Number
    • Instructor
    • Session
    • Year
    • Credits
    • Delivery Method

    If you need to update the required course information, click on the link above these parameters. This will cover:

    • Course Title
    • Campus
    • Department
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Section labels
    • Template flag
    • External ID


    Syllabus_Geek_Note_Smallest.png *Note: If feed processing is still in place and applies to the given course, your changes may later be overwritten. Therefore it is important to fix issues at their source, which is often the SIS, to make adjustments permanent.

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