Creating a Course Syllabus in Concourse

Creating a Course Syllabus in Concourse

If course syllabi are not created automatically for you by an administrator and you are allowed to manually create course syllabi, select the Create dropdown in the main navigation. From there, select what you would like to do: Clone a course, Create a new structured course (e.g., prescribed categories like description, course policies, etc.), or Create an upload-only course (e.g., existing document or PDF). Then, fill in the required details on the left, such as course title, campus, department, etc.  To incorporate more than one course section on your syllabus, enter the section labels (e.g., 1, 3, 4A) as a comma separated list. 

You can also add optional information on the right.  If you do not see an appropriate selection in the optional dropdowns, select -Other- and fill in your new value. 

Click Create and voila! You’ve got yourself a course syllabus.  From here, you can add syllabus items such as Meeting Times, Contact Information, and Materials.


Note: If you expect to use this course as a template, be sure to check the Template box. To learn about template management, consider exploring the Template articles throughout our support center.

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