Creating a Group Permissions Report

Creating a Group Permissions Report

The purpose of the Group Permissions Report is to expose the group permissions settings of syllabi in Concourse. The Group Permissions Report is comprised of information extracted directly from a Concourse syllabus, and reports can be run for any number of syllabi in the system.

In order to create a Group Permissions Report, enter the Report Center from the main navigation menu and select Group Permissions.

On the resulting page, select the radio button next to the group for which you wish to expose the group permissions and select Next.

After clicking Next you'll be redirected to a search page where you can select the courses you wish to include in the report by either typing keywords or entering specific criteria under Advanced SearchAfter clicking Search and reviewing the results, you can generate a report by either selecting individual syllabi and then clicking Selected Results OR you can report on the entire list by simply selecting All Results at the bottom of the list of syllabi. The resulting page will display the list of courses in your search as well as as the associated group permissions for the group you identified. You can also download a .CSV file to view an even more detailed report. 

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