Creating a Usage Report

Creating a Usage Report

A usage report showcases the behaviors of users visiting your Concourse system. In order to create a usage report, click the Report dropdown in the main navigation and choose Usage. Note, this report is only available to Concourse system administrators.

The resulting page will show the Usage Report for your Concourse system. The information will be displayed as graphs, charts, and textual information. The following screenshot illustrates how the data may be presented in your system:


Below you will find the necessary information to interpret each chart in your report. It is important to note the following terms and their associated definitions according to Google Analytics when reading your report:
  • Session: An individual user's experience in the system within a period of time.
  • Pageview: An instance of a single page being loaded (a refresh is also considered another pageview). Each session must include one or more pageviews.


  • Overview: Shows how Concourse is being accessed over time.
  • Country/Regions: Shows the locations from which Concourse is accessed.
  • Devices: Shows through what screens users are accessing syllabi.
  • Operating Systems: Shows the operating systems on user devices from which syllabi are accessed. 
  • Browsers/Versions: Shows the web browser on user devices from which syllabi are accessed.


  • Sources: Shows the ways users are accessing their syllabi, including LMS integration, direct access, and internet searches. 
  • Referrals: Shows a breakdown of the traffic associated with a given source.


  • Syllabus Views and Time: Shows the number of pageviews and average time on the syllabus page.
  • Events: Shows the ways users are editing their syllabi.

Other Notes 

Usage information will not include users who have not enabled JavaScript, those who use AdBlockers, or have disabled Google Analytics.


To see how your institution's usage statistics compare to those of all Concourse users, check out the most recent Concourse Usage Report.

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