Creating an Audit Report

Creating an Audit Report

An audit report showcases the audit status of a selected number of courses that are going through the audit process. The report shows the progress of syllabi review and displays which courses are New, In Progress, Submitted for Review, Reviewed, or Modified Since Review. An audit report can be generated by users who have Audit or Reporting domain permissions and will only include courses which fall within said domains (campus, school, and/or department).

In order to create an audit report,

1. click the Report dropdown in the main navigation and choose Audit.

2. On the resulting search page you can narrow down your search either by entering specific criteria using Advanced Search. Once you have selected your desired criteria, click Search, and a list of courses will be display. 

3. On the right at the top of the search results you can sort by title, subject code, session, and year.

Please Note: You can generate the report of a subset of the search results or a report containing all results. Either way, you *must* scroll down to the bottom of the search results and click either Selected Results for your subset or click All Results to include them all. The resulting report will *only* include results contained within the domain for which you have permission as reporter or auditor. For example, if you are the Auditor for the College of Natural Science, your search results may include more syllabi then just those in the College of Natural Science, depending on the granularity of your advanced search. However, selecting All Results will only show you the courses in the College of Natural Science.

4. The resulting audit report shows a visual representation of the Audit Status Summary and an extended list of Audit Status Details. You can also download a .CSV file to view an even more detailed report.

If you have suggestions regarding this feature or any other syllabus-related topic, please let us know!

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