An item report aggregates information that is extracted directly from syllabus items. The information can be from any component of a syllabus, such as Outcomes, Books, or Schedule Entries, though only one item can be reported on at a time.

Further, item reports can be created by anyone who can view the selected item on the given syllabus. For example, if item permissions are set in such a way that every user can view course descriptions but course guests cannot see contact information, the user would be able to create a report containing descriptions for every course across the system but of only contact information for courses they are actually enrolled in.

1. In order to create an item report, click the Report option main navigation and on the resulting page, choose Item.

2.  On the Select an Item page, select the radio button next to the item, or item entries, that you wish to view across syllabi and click Next.

3. On the resulting search page can search by keyword for a broad search or narrow down your criteria by selecting Advanced Search. Once you have selected your search criteria, click Search, and a list of courses will be displayed. Then you have a choice to use the checkboxes to make a report with select courses or select all results for your report.

You can sort the courses in a variety of ways, such as by title, subject code, session, and year. The more specific you are, the more accurate your initial results will be.

4. The results page will load with the UI display of that Item information, but you can also download the Extended CSV file of the report. Your item report will then appear, showing a table of item content for each course. You can also download a CSV file to view an even more detailed report.  We highly recommend downloading the Extended CSV if you would like to create your own filters or get a more granular look across the syllabi you selected.