Curriculum Vitae Report

Curriculum Vitae Report

Our Curriculum Vitae (CV) Report is now live in your Report Center! This new report should improve your reporting experience if you need to see how CVs are being utilized across your institution because you'll gain access to a dashboard where you can run three types of reports! 


Before you get started, here's some important information you need to know: These CV Reports are only accessible to those with domain Administrator or Reporter permissions. Either of those domain roles will grant you access to these reporting options, but you will only see courses within your domain scope. For example, if you only have the Domain Administrator role for the School of Education and all of the departments within the School of Education, you will only yield School of Education results. You will not see courses from the School of Business or any other Schools in your Domain structure within the Concourse Platform.


The report will display three components. 

  • CV permissions: displays the percent of each group’s (instructor, assistant, etc) CVs that are visible. 
  • CV registrations: displays the percentage of courses with at least one CV displayed. 
  • CV Content: displays the percentage of CVs with each area of content filled out (Education, Experience, Publications).

You will be able to access specific details for each of the report options.

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