On-Demand Training

On-Demand Training

We're proud to present Concourse training On-Demand training sessions. This asynchronous modality is a set of self-paced courses that allow learners to self-enroll and work through Concourse core curriculum content at their own rate. This modality allows for more segmenting of material, and the learner can fast forward through information they already have a strong understanding of.


Benefits to On-Demands are:

  • Available 24/7
  • Embed into professional development courses in your own Learning Management System
  • Same quality content offered in live webinars
  • Ability to rewatch and skip content as needed
  • Handouts, including session outlines, are provided so learners can have additional support while learning.


Concourse Core Curriculum On-Demands

Core curriculum training sessions are vital for the success of implementation and maintenance of the Concourse platform. Below, you will find the On-Demand catalog of our core curriculum. To take one of these On-Demands, click the session you desire below, register, and begin the training. You can take these training sessions as often as you'd like. As a best practice, we recommend using the same email to register every time because it will "save" where you left off in the On-Demand in the chance that you had to take a break or push training to the side.

1. Introduction to Concourse

2. User Permissions

3. Group Permissions

4. Domains

5. Templates I

6. Feeds I

7. Authentication I

8. Deployment

9. Maintenance


Coming Soon! Concourse Electives On-Demands

These On-Demands are still under development, but keep checking back for the following:

1. Templates II

2. Feeds II

3. Become a Data Detective

4. Overcome Faculty Resistance

5. Train the Trainer I

6. Train the Trainer II


Concourse End User On-Demand Training

  1.  Concourse for Instructors


Training session you'd like to attend not available in On-Demand format yet?

For any On-Demands that might not be available yet, we do still offer live webinars for these training sessions. Recordings are available. If you would like to get receive a recording, or you'd like to be included in our monthly training emails with live webinar offerings, email support@campusconcourse.com and a member from the Concourse team can assist you.