Setting Permissions for User Groups in Concourse

Setting Permissions for User Groups in Concourse

To set permissions for user groups within an individual course, you must first either be a domain administrator or be enrolled in the course under a group that has been granted users and setting access. To set permissions for user groups en masse, you will need to be a system administrator.


Individual Course

To set group permissions for an individual course, begin by visiting Settings > Group from the course area. 

The group page is composed of both course-level and item-level permissions. Settings on this page determine whether a particular group (e.g. Instructors) can view and/or edit individual syllabus elements, access or upload files, whether their CV will be visible, and if the group should be able to self-manage their course.

From the group page, first Select a Group from the drop-down. The available groups include: Managers, Developers, Instructors, Assistants, and Students. 

Then select the appropriate options (administration, registration, syllabus items, files, and CV) for that group and click Save.


Multiple Courses

As a system administrator, you can set group permissions for many courses at once. Begin by going to Admin > Tools > Groups. Then search for the courses you wish to apply group permissions to. You can select them individually or choose all the results. 

Once you've selected the scope of courses, pick the group(s) you want to apply permissions. Check the Set box for all the permissions you want to consider, and then choose the permission itself. When you are done enabling and selecting permissions, press Set Permissions.

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