Syllabus Items Explained

Syllabus Items Explained

In Concourse a structured syllabus is made up of a series of components we call "Items." In other words the Item is the building block of Concourse syllabi.

Each Item has a number of properties. They can have data. Each belongs to parent item and may have one or more child items. Edit and view permissions can be set for items, and they may even be associated with uploaded files. Further, once content is entered, Item Reports can be generates from them.

Items in Concourse are organized hierarchically. You may recognize many of the labels below as typical for course syllabi. The full breakdown of Concourse syllabus items is as follows: 

  • Meeting Times
  • Contact Information
  • Description
  • Objectives
  • Outcomes
  • Materials
  • Deliverables
  • Evaluation
  • Course Policies
  • Institutional Policies
  • Additional Items
  • Schedule
Note: In the list of Concourse syllabus items above, items that do not contain additional items (sub-items) are in bold.  

Note that many of the syllabus items listed above allow users to add additional items (sub-items) within that item. For instance, the Contact Information item on a Concourse syllabus also contains a related item called Office Hours. 

We always recommend playing in your Concourse sandbox to get the best idea of the potential look and feel of your syllabi!  If you're new to Concourse and don't yet have your very own Concourse sandbox, we suggest checking out the Concourse demo available on our website.  Feel free to edit one of the existing syllabi or create your own!

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