System Permissions in Concourse

System Permissions in Concourse

System-level permissions allow for technical operations within Concourse, and is considered the highest level of administration. System-level permissions are found with a user's details, and include the following:

If you have system-level permissions, you may be considered a “super administrator” because you have the power to set permissions for each permission level below you. More specifically, with system-level permissions, you can:
  1. Designate who can manage users and manually create courses.
  2. Grant users domain-level permissions.
  3. Process feeds.
  4. Purge users and courses.
  5. Apply group permissions en masse.
  6. Set up integrations for learning and student information systems.
  7. Add and manage your domain (campus, school, and department) listing.
If your administrators don't need any of the expressed permissions above, but they still need a higher level of permissions than simply editing or viewing a syllabus, consider exploring Domain Permissions in Concourse.

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