Troubleshooting Feed Errors

Troubleshooting Feed Errors

Feed processing involves populating and/or synchronizing data that is maintained by an external system. Feed processing can be used to migrate data from one system to another, such as populating syllabus item information like course descriptions or objectives. Administrators can also set up automated feed processing to handle the ongoing flow of changes and updates between Concourse and a platform like your Student Information System. While feed automation and processing is efficient, errors do occur from time to time that require attention. 

With the Concourse feed log, system administrators have the ability to keep track of the progress of feeds processed both manually and automatically. The log contains not only the feed files themselves but reports indicating the output of each feed. To access the feed log for your institution, simply log into your Concourse system. Then access your feed log at Admin > Tools > Feeds > Feed Log. From here you will be able to review recently processed feeds and associated output reports. This information will provide an overall picture of how feeds are behaving in your system. 

If error messages are present within your feed reports, use the information in the attached feed error document to begin troubleshooting

If instead your feeds are not being processed, one possibility is that they are too large (i.e. thousands of rows) to be handled by the default URL. If you find processing times to exceed one minute and the request times out, you can try again by changing the URL to include -notimeout after your organization's sub-domain (e.g.

Check out the Concourse Support Center for more valuable information such as how feed processing workshow to set up automated feed processing, and many more integration topics. And as always, if you require assistance beyond what we have provided here, please do not hesitate to submit a ticket using the button in the top right corner of this page.

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